Cold Aisle

50% Saving in Data Centre Operating Costs!

E-TEC constructed one of its modular Turn-Key Data Centre’s for Net-Build Datacenter GmbH, and equipped it with adiabatic air-conditioning from Munters GmbH.

A very energy efficient and reliable solution was required, with high safety standards, and together with our partners at Munters GmbH we developed a solution incorporating their Oasis IEC technology, which is an indirect evaporative cooling system. This resulted in a saving of approximately a half in the data centre’s annual running costs, with an overall PUE of less than 1.2.

For 96% of the year, the cold air is fed through an indirect air-side economizer. Only on very hot summer days does the integrated DX cooler turn on, and accounts for only about 4% of the year.

Features of the design:

  • The air, cooled to 20 ° C, is fed to the cold aisle, and passes through the warm servers to the hot aisle. The heated air is extracted through ducts in the ceiling, and returned to the Oasis™ system. Pollution from the outside air is prevented due to the air circulation, and therefore no need for further filtration.
  • Laying of air ducts was largely avoided so that the loss of the static pressure could be minimized.
  • At full capacity the data center reaches an IT load of up to 2MW.
  • A total of eight Oasis™ 200 units were used on the roof in a redundant manner.
  • The modular design provides quick installation and commissioning.

With this overall design it is the first data centre of its kind, and will be decisive for future projects. For more information see the following video: