6 Months in 1 Minute!

In the space of just 6 months, E-TEC POWER MANAGEMENT GMBH designed, constructed, and commissioned a 320 rack modular Data Centre and handed over to the client Net-Build Datacenter GmbH.

The particular focus for this project was on energy efficiency and high availability. For this reason, air-conditioning was implemented with adiabatic air-conditioning systems and indirect refrigeration circuits. A PUE factor for the facility of <1.2 was achieved.

The two server rooms of the data centre contain separate Carrier cages and a total of 320 19-inch server racks with structured data cabling. In the middle tract between the two server rooms are several technical rooms containing the switchgear, UPS systems, batteries, and fire extinguishing systems.

A level with offices for administration was included above this central tract.

The power supply is supplied from two separate transformers and two standby generators with fuel supply for 24h. For each server room, there are two separate main distribution boards for A and B supplies, and UPS systems regulating the supply and safely bridging short interruptions.

A patented battery monitoring system also ensures that the batteries are continually monitored and controlled so that the capacity is available when required.

The ERC Compact system developed by E-TEC was installed to monitor the data centre. With this system all relevant data, operating conditions and events are monitored and reported to the E-TEC hotline. This ensures secure 7x24h operation.

In the following video, you will see the construction of the data centre in time-lapse, followed by some views from the completed project.

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Video source: VSE NET GmbH