Testing times and E-TEC’s New Era

A fundamental part of E-TEC’s DNA has always been the enthusiastic quest to find solutions, as well as an intense curiosity, which often leads to early adoption of new products and technologies; and the completion of our new purpose-built Headquarters near Blanchardstown in Dublin in late 2020, provided a stage for creative minds and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Through our long-standing association with Schneider Electric, E-TEC has achieved many “firsts”, and when they released the new scalable 500 kW Galaxy VL UPS, E-TEC was quick to embrace its industry-leading high-density, high efficiency technology, and lithium-ion battery compatibility, and as with many previous product launches, became the first to sell and install one in Ireland, with the system arriving into our new warehouse to much excitement in early June 2021.

Overload Galaxy VL But of course, due to the enduring pandemic that has made everyone’s lives more complicated, international travel restrictions meant that our client’s requirement for a factory acceptance test with Schneider in Denmark was going to be harder than normal to achieve. But luckily E-TEC had an alternative solution, and proposed that the test could be carried out in our new test lab in Dublin. Happily, all concerned agreed that we had the facilities and the know-how to carry out the test to the required standards.

With dedicated external cable entry to the building, it was relatively straightforward to roll in a mobile generator and load bank and connect to our UPS switchboard, and during the course of the test the Galaxy VL was duly tested to 150% overload with impressive performance. The client was more than happy with outcome of the test and went away confident in the support they could expect from E-TEC in the future.

We are very proud of our new facility, and are confident the investment will pay off in the next phase of our development. As international travel starts to become a reality again, we look forward to welcoming clients and partners from our other E-TEC countries, as well as fellow employees, to take advantage of our test, demonstration and training facilities, as we look to the future with renewed enthusiasm and curiosity.